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Fire Salamanders Facts and Folklore,
Freeware, and Fiery Fun for Everyone

Fire Salamanders are amphibians (like frogs and toads).

Fire salamanders can be found throughout most of Europe and in parts of Asia and Africa. The males grow to about 17cm long (including the tail), and the females to about twice that size. They live for several years. Fire salamanders have a very clever way of protecting themselves - they have special pores on their back which make a poison (called salamandrin) strong enough to kill small animals.
Fire salamanders got their name because, in winter, they would hibernate in logs which had been collected for firewood. When a log was put on a fire, the heat would wake the salamander, which would then jump out of the log. This made people think the salamander lived in the fire.

Fire Spirits are called Salamanders.

There can be no fire without them. Their help is needed to make even the smallest bit of flame.

The salamanders are the strongest and most powerful of all the elemental spirits. They have magic powers to heal, purify, and strengthen. Their fiery will-power destroys all fear and overcomes any obstacles blocking their path to fulfilment.

They can also be mischievous at times, and if a salamander is upset, it may cause fires to burn out of control.

Salamanders are mostly humanoid, but can change their size and shape when they want to. Some people have seen them as small balls of light, and they often take the shape of fiery lizards.

Fun things for you to make and do!

A word search puzzle for you to print out and solve

Simple novelty recipes for you to download or print out:

Pictures for you to print out and colour:
colouring picture 1: fire salamander..colouring picture 2: ambulance and crew..colouring picture 3: fire engine and crew..colouring picture 4: mountain with two dragons..colouring picture 5: two dragons