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Salamanders Young Burn Survivors > Fun Stuff > Java Jigsaw Puzzle 2

Java Jigsaw Puzzle 2

The jigsaw puzzle script may take a few moments to load..... Please be patient!

(If your web browser does not support Scripting, or you don't have Java enabled, the puzzle will not load.)

Put your cursor over a piece and hold down the left mouse button to drag that piece into place. You will have to line the pieces up closely, but not exactly, for them to fit together. You will hear a 'click' as each piece is fitted into the right place.

To make the puzzle easier or harder, change the number of pieces and/or the shape of the pieces by clicking on the 'Change Cut' link and choosing the number and shape of pieces from the pop-up menu.

NOTE: Clicking "Tell a Friend" will take you to the JigZone website. Once you have finished a puzzle, clicking "Share", "Play Again", or "More Puzzles" will take you to the JigZone website. If you want to stay on the Salamanders site, you can play the same puzzle again by refreshing the page, or click one of the links below to try a different puzzle.