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Salamanders Young Burn Survivors > Explosion! > Quinn's Photos page 3

Photos of Quinn aged 12 to 17

Quinn (back row, right) in summer 1998

Trick-or-treat 'zombie' 1998 >>

Quinn on Christmas Day of 1998

In the 'zombie' photograph above (we had special permission to leave off Quinn's pressure garments and neck collar for just a few hours), you can see where the surgeons had cut through the contracted scar tissue on Quinn's neck and grafted more skin into the gap. It looks good here, but the scars contracted again, and Quinn had to have the same operation repeated early in the following year. The next photograph shows him in the hospital just after that operation.

Quinn & his special nurse in spring 1999

Quinn on Christmas Day of 2001

Quinn on Christmas Day of 1999

Quinn (back row, right) in spring 2003