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Burn Survivor Steve's Story

Well it all happened on Saturday January 14, 2006. My aunt, her friend, my dad, mom and I were playing pool while my brother and his friend were working on a car. Well since my dad is a good mechanic they asked him to help start the car. Because they were having trouble. Well my brothers went and got gasoline in a dangerous flammable cup. Well soon after my brother's friend starting putting it in a car thing called the carburetor (which you shouldn't do with kids around and very flammable clothing). After awhile my bro's friend got frustrated cause it wasn't turning on and put all the gasoline in the carb (which is another thing you shouldn't do) then I was right in front of the engine and my dad was on my right side and my brother's friend was on the left. Then I saw a huge fireball shoot out from where we were putting the gas. Then my bro's friend and my dad's hand caught on fire but quickly they waved it around and turned off the flame. Unfortunately the gas went on my shirt and ignited it for about 10-50 seconds. I was on fire with flames and since the game room is right next to the carport I went inside the house (knowing of course that the house was not going to catch fire) and was looking for a place to stop drop and roll. After trying that for 10-30 seconds with no result my parents came rushing with waters and wrapping me in the carpet ahh. I was finally put out but suffered severe burns. Two minutes later the ambulance and fire department came and transferred me to Spohn Memorial and then haloed me to Galveston's Shriners Hospital For Children. After arriving to SHFC my parents found out that I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns and that I needed an operation for skin grafting. Now I wear this sort of under armor for my stomach and arm so that there is less scarring and flat scars.

As most of you know, following surgery you MUST exercise and start wearing pressure garments. So you are going to be fitted for pressure garments which you're going to wear for 1 or 2 years depending on how your scars look and how they behave. Of course you have to take them off for baths; other than that, that's the ONLY time you can take them off, and to put on cream to the grafts. As far as the exercise part goes, you will promise me that you will do them every day until your therapist tells you. Under no circumstances may you stop. Do not give me any excuses. I had to learn this the hard way so don't even think about it. Sure, you're going to have sweat double in other places in place of the burned area, so the bigger the area the more you sweat in other places. Living in Texas it's miserable but carrying around a water bottle with water inside and putting it on the burned area will cool it off like regular sweating is meant to. Also these Jobst garments don't really protect from the sun so put on something like acream/sunblock. Why, you ask? Because you will have a higher cancer risk. Well, more to come! E-mail me with any questions.

Steve - Burn Survivor

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