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Burn Survivor Glenn Jr.'s Story

My name is Glenn Jr., and I was burned 65% 3/18/06

On Mar. 18, 2006, I was going to a cookout at a friend's house. It was his 17th birthday party. He is my bestfriend, we have known each other our whole lives. I was excited to go out to his house. He introduced me to one of his neighbors. So Barry and I decided to go outside and goof around. My bestfriend, Jesse, stayed inside with his girlfriend. We went and got some CD's and a kerosene can. Barry and I decided we would make a campfire and listen to cd's and just chill. I had a small flame started, but it wouldn't catch good. So I started to add kerosene to it like I was taught. Then I saw the flame shoot toward the can in my hands and I knew something was not right. So I tried to toss the can away and then it exploded.

It was one of the scariest things to see a great ball of fire coming at us. The explosion shook the ground and sounded like a cannon going off. My first thought was to throw Barry out of the way because he was younger than me. Then I remember looking over seeing the flame on my arm and spreading fast. Then I said "Oh S***!" I shut my eyes and hit the ground. After I "STOP, DROP, ROLLED", I had to walk about 1/2 a mile to Barry's house for help.

All I remember after that is my parents getting there, I could tell my mom was near hysterical. I don't think that they recognized me at first. I could see that all of my skin was coming off my face and arms. I was scared, but my mom and dad stayed calm. My mom had her best friend call the 911 dispatch back, she knew that I probably wouldn't have made it in an ambulance to the nearest burn center. My mom told them to get a helicopter, and she kept telling me that I would be OK, and she loved me. I told her that I was sorry and she said it wasn't my fault, accidents happen. Then my mom had Barry's dad go in their house and get wet blankets to wrap me in so it wouldn't stick to all the burned areas, then she had him get me a thick comforter to keep my body temp. up and try to keep me from going into shock.

The ambulance got there about 5 mins before the helicopter. They had to restrain me because I am very scared of IV's. They put the IV in my foot and that is the last thing I remember for 6 1/2 to 7 weeks. I was burned over 65% of my body and was in a medically induced coma for almost 2 weeks. I had 9 surgeries in a month and then 1 more right before I was supposed to be discharged the 1st time. I had developed an intestinal blockage and had several inches of intestines removed.

I have very vague and fuzzy memories of the time I was kept sedated. When I "woke up" enough where I was coherent, I insisted that my mom and I had got on a big boat and we were in Japan. I have some slight memories of the dressing changes but I don't remember being in pain.

It has been 7 months, and the only thing holding me back for a "complete" recovery is that I have a Trach still, and I might need reconstructive surgery on my windpipe to be able to take the trach out for good. I started 10th grade in Sept. just like I was supposed to and I am involved in JROTC, The Japanese Club, The GSA Club, and The rifle squad. I'm getting my learners permit and I think I am doing great!

Glenn Jr. - Burn Survivor

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