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Alphabetical list of Awards won by Salamanders Young Burn Survivors

Note: If you want to see the Award itself, select the page link. The name of each Award is linked to the originating site (if it still exists).
Award (Date) page
Advanced Web Design Award - Bronze (Sep 04) page1
Advanced Web Design Award - Silver (Apr 08) page8
Afallon Website Award - Gold (Feb 08) page6
AIHC Award - Bronze (Jan 06) page3
AIHC Award - Platinum (Feb 08) page6
Alcazaren Award - Bronze (Mar 06) page4
Barrettsnet Award - Silver (May 06) page5
Beat Post International Award - Gold (Feb 08) page6
Best of the Web Award - Silver (Mar 08) page8
Bullygraphics Award - Silver (Jan 06) page2
BV.Lindenheuvel Award - Bronze (Jan 06) page3
Casey's Celtic Charm Award - Gold (Jan 06) page3
Casey's Celtic Charm: Colby's Choice SOTY Award (2006) page5
Chameleon's Eye Award - Gold (Mar 08) page8
Class Tribute Award - Bronze (Feb 08) page7
CLL Website Award - Silver (Aug 04) page1
CLL Website Award - Gold (Feb 06) page4
CSB Award - Silver (Jan 06) page2
CuanCats Award of Excellence (Feb 08) page6
Delightful Designing Award - Silver (Mar 08) page7
Dinkey Web Award - Bronze (Feb 08) page6
Diskus Award - Silver (Mar 08) page8
Dream Weaver's Award of Beauty (Aug 04) page1
Dream Weaver's Award of Excellence (Apr 06) page5
Eberline's Web Award - Bronze (Feb 08) page7
EFW Hompage Award - 3-Stars Super (Feb 06) page4
"FANtastic!" Site Award (Feb 08) page7
Fartown School Award - Grade B (Jan 06) page2
Fun Tyme Entertainment Award - Merit (Jan 06) page2
Gadzillion Award for Creative Thought on the Internet (Aug 04) page1
Game Puppet Excellence Award (Jan 06) page2
G.I.D. Award for Excellence - Gold (Jan 06) page3
Giz-Net's Gold Bar of Excellence (Feb 08) page6
GNAE - Merit (Aug 04) page1
Roland Haley's Place Gold Crown Award (Jan 06) page3
Golden Award - Bronze (Feb 08) page6
Golden Web Award 2000-2001 (2000) page1
Here There Be Mice...© Award of Web Excellence (Mar 08) page7
HindSight Fishing's World Class Website Award (Feb 06) page4
HomeGrown Award of Excellence (Aug 04) page1
Hugs R Us Peace Award - Gold (Dec 05) page2
Hugs R Us Peace Award - Diamond (Mar 08) page8
Human Wisdom Award for Constructive Initiative (Jan 06) page3
Inside Hotwire 3D Award - Bronze (Sep 04) page1
It's Wishcraft! - Warm Heart Award (Feb 06) page4
Jetzone 1 Star Merit Award (Aug 04) page1
Joschi's Award of Excellence (Jun 08) page8
Kevin's Excellent Site Award (Feb 08) page6
Kids Online 101% Award (Apr 06) page5
KISS Websites Awards - Labore &c. Praemium (Jan 06) page3
Kuuloa Kai's Top Site Award (Nov 07) page6
Light Emitting Diode Web Excellence Award - Gold (Mar 06) page5
Lindor's Award - Silver (Mar 08) page8
Lupe´s Award - Bronze (Jan 06) page4
Award (Date) page
Lupe´s Award - Silver (Mar 08) page7
Michael's Award of Excellence - Bronze (Aug 04) page1
Michael's Award of Excellence - Silver (Feb 06) page4
Michael's Award of Excellence - Gold (Sep 08) page8
Mona Lisa Select Site Award (Mar 08) page7
Moon Award - Bronze (Feb 08) page6
Morning Star's Award (Feb 08) page7
Mystic Stars Seal of Excellence (Feb 08) page6
NATAYADA web award - Gold (Jan 06) page4
Native Star Award - Silver (Mar 08) page7
New Beginnings Award - Silver (Feb 08) page7
O.N.Z.C.D.A Award - Platinum (Feb 08) page6
O.N.Z.C.D.A Web Site of the Month Award (Feb 08) page7
Pamela's Award of Excellence - Bronze (Jan 06) page2
Panzys Web Award - Silver (Feb 08) page7
Penmarric's Rexclusive Award (Dec 05) page2
Penmarric's Rexellent Site Award - Gold (Dec 05) page2
Penmarric's Rexellent Site Award - Platinum (Mar 08) page8
Penmarric's Whimsy Award (Dec 05) page2
PeZet Award (Mar 08) page7
Pharao Award (Feb 06) page4
Photo Planet Award - Silver (Feb 08) page6
Playhouse Award - Silver (Jan 06) page2
Poetry Heart Award - Silver (Mar 08) page7
Prospective Award - Bronze (Jan 06) page2
Publisher's Choice Award (Jan 06) page3
Reach for the Stars Award - Bronze (Jan 06) page3
River Pirate Guide Service Elite Website Award (Mar 08) page8
Roz Award of Web Excellence (Feb 08) page7
Rudolfs Wander-Award - Gold (Oct 07) page5
Ruth's Haven Award - Bronze (Aug 04) page1
Seasons of Change Award - Gold (Jan 06) page3
Silver Surfer Friendly Award (Apr 06) page5
Southern Nytes Award of Elegance (Jan 06) page2
Stamp of Excellence Award - Bronze (Oct 04) page1
StormKeeper Award of Excellence (Jan 06) page2
Tamurilart Award - Silver (Mar 06) page5
The Internet Beacon Award - Merit (Aug 04) page1
The Raven's Web-Site Award (Feb 06) page4
The Useful Free Site Award - Silver (Feb 08) page6
TheWebuilders TS Award - Gold (Jan 06) page3
TheWebuilders TS Award - Diamond (Nov 07) page5
Timelines Awardprogram - Innovative Site Award (Jan 06) page3
Tim's Spider Award - Bronze (Nov 07) page5
Top Bee Award (Aug 08) page8
Valentine Floral Creations Award (Jan 06) page4
Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award - Gold (Nov 07) page5
Vision Award from Pacoima Ranch (Jan 06) page3
Weblight Award - Silver (Feb 06) page4
Weblight Special Award (Feb 06) page4
Website Design Award (Apr 06) page5
Web Site of Compassion Award (Feb 08) page6
WhiteFeather's Web Award - Bronze (Jan 06) page4
World Wide Web Award - Bronze (Aug 04) page1
  • Note: All the above are genuine Website Awards, meaning that
    • the URL of the award-giver is not shown on the award graphic;
    • the award graphic is no larger than 200x200 pixels or equivalent area;
    • the awarding site has/had a list of sites which have won the award;
    • there was no requirement to sign a guestbook, join a forum, sign up for a newsletter, or similar;
    • the award was offered to my site, not to me personally.