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Privacy Policy for the "Salamanders Young Burn Survivors" website

This Privacy Policy deals with the collection and handling of personal information and other data on the "Salamanders Young Burn Survivors" website. It includes: who is doing the collecting, and what data is being collected, together with the way(s) in which the various data may be used, to whom the data may be disclosed, and the consequences of not giving information. It also addresses the principles of choice, access, security and enforcement.

Who is doing the collecting?

I, Sylvia Joyce, am the sole person who operates this site and sees any email sent to

This site is hosted by Neocities. One copy of the site is on the Neocities hosting computers, and two backup copies are kept by me (one on my hard drive and one on an external storage device which never leaves my residence).

What data is being collected?

I collect data only via Email sent to me and the Site Search function. I don't collect anything else, and I don't use cookies.

  • If you send me any email, I will have your email address as well as anything else you may tell me in the body of your email. Anyone can email me and tell me anything they want. What data I 'collect' from such emails depends upon the content of each individual email. If any email is, or appears to be, from a child under 13 years of age, I will respond to that email and then delete it completely and permanently.
  • If you email me information for posting on the "Your Own Stories" pages, that information will be uploaded to the Neocities hosting computer, provided that a) I am reasonably sure the information is genuine, and b) you do not appear to be or admit to being under 13 years of age. (If you appear to be or admit to being under 13 years of age, I will not upload the information without reasonable certainty that I have appropriate adult permission to do so, which will involve an exchange of emails.) I will in any instance use your email address to send you an email of thanks. If the information which you have specifically given to me for public display includes your URL or email address, I might go look at your website or email you, just as any other viewer of the page might. If relevant, I might include a link to your URL on some other part of this website. I won't keep or use any information (including your email address) beyond that.
    If you send me any other email, I will use your email address to write you back. How I use any other data contained in such emails depends upon the content of each individual email, but I won't keep or use any information (including your email address) beyond writing you back unless I have your express or implicit permission to do so.
  • Once uploaded, information emailed to me for posting on the "Your Own Stories" pages will be visible to anyone viewing those pages. If you send me information for the express purpose of having it included on the "Your Own Stories" pages, then you, not I, are disclosing your information to the general public. (In uploading such information, I am merely acting as your intermediary.)
    If you send me information in any other email, I will not disclose any of that information (including your email address) to anyone else unless you specifically request or permit me to do so.
  • If you send me material to post on the "Your Own Stories" pages, the whole world can view that material: if you don't, they can't. There are no other consequences. I do not require you to send me material.
    If you send me an email, I will write you back. If you have some specific request to make of me, I will attempt to comply with that request. If you don't send me any email, I will never even know you exist. There are no other consequences. I do not require you to send me email.
Site Search
  • If you use the site search function on this site, it will log the date, the time, and the keyword(s) you have used for your search(es); it will not collect any other information whatsoever. The log file is stored until the end of each calendar month by FreeFind and then emailed to me.
  • The FreeFind log files may be used by me to analyse how people are using this site, thereby assisting me to optimise it. I won't keep or use the data beyond that.
  • As all the searches are completely anonymous, I cannot disclose your data other than as a statistic.
  • If you don't use the site search, there will be no consequences whatsoever to you. I do not require you to use it.


I give people choice(s). No one needs to disclose personal information if they don't want to. Except for the obvious (like not receiving an email from me if you don't give me your email address) there are no consequences of nondisclosure.

If you change your mind after having sent me any information to post on the "Your Own Stories" pages, or if I have added a link to your URL on one of my "Links" pages and you want that link removed or altered, all you have to do is email me and tell me what information you want me to remove and/or change.

If you are the parent/guardian of a minor child, and I have inadvertently posted your child's information, or if you have previously given permission for me to post your child's information and have now changed your mind, you can ask to have it deleted or altered and/or refuse to allow any further collection or use of your child's information. All you need to do is email me. (I have no fancy procedures for verifying your bona fides: I would rather remove all personal information from my website than chance putting even one child at risk!)


There are only two instances where I may store information which is not publicly accessible via this website: a) if someone has sent me an email, I will have a copy of that email on my own hard drive until I have responded to it, and b) if a parent has vetoed collection or use of their child's data, I will have that child's email address stored on disc as a safeguard against my inadvertently accepting further information from that source.


Obviously, any information publicly available via the "Your Own Stories" pages is just that ... publicly available. As previously detailed, the only other information I store consists of emails and email addresses. I have measures in place to ensure that I am the only person with access to these, and I guarantee not to reveal them to anyone else.


I consider this Privacy Policy to be a legally enforceable contract between myself and the public at large.


Personal Information

is defined as: individually identifiable information that is collected online, such as full name, home address, email address, telephone number or any other information that would allow someone to identify or contact a child. Also other types of information (eg: hobbies, interests and information collected through cookies or other tracking mechanisms) when they are tied to individually identifiable information.

re Children Under 13 Years Of Age:

I am an ordinary human being, not a clairvoyant or a superwoman. If a person communicating with me in any way does not admit to being under the age of 13 years, and their communication is presented in such a way that it appears to be from a person over the age of 13 years, then I believe it is reasonable for me to assume that such a person is indeed over the age of 13 years until and unless I am reliably informed otherwise.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy or your dealings with this site, please contact me (Sylvia Joyce).