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Interesting & Helpful Places for Burn Survivors and about Burn Safety

Ability Online

is a free, monitored, and secure online community that welcomes kids, teens, and young adults of all abilities. "Here, young people with disabilities and illnesses meet and chat with other people like them in a virtual world that transcends boundaries and barriers. They make friends, get tips from mentors, and freely participate in an atmosphere of collaboration, companionship and support. Parents and professionals welcome."

Burn Support Magazine,

published by the Phoenix Society, features articles on the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of burn recovery. Each quarterly issue includes feature stories on burn survivors and their family members who are successfully travelling the road to recovery. BSN also includes information about burn prevention programs, the latest news in the burn community, original works written by burn survivors, and information on burn care and safety legislation.

Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.

is an international non-profit organization currently working in Africa, Canada, Egypt, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Slovenia, Spain, the UK, the United States and Vietnam. BSTTW offers memberships, peer support, education, advocacy, medical referrals, a religious healing weekend, and public awareness programs.

CureZone Burns Survivors and Burns Victims Support Forum:

CureZone is a site for open education through communication. It is a grass roots movement for sharing experiences and helping others freely. Some of the main areas of CureZone education are: understanding human health and bodily functions, changing diet, improving lifestyle, correcting attitude, cleansing inner organs, avoiding stress factors, avoiding poisons, etc. The site is administered by a team of over 500 volunteers who moderate forum and blog messages.

Lightning Strike & Electric Shock Survivors International, Inc.

is a non-profit support group by and for survivors, their families, and other interested parties. They aim to provide a resource of continuous support and education in health and well-being for survivors and their families, provide educational programs about the prevention of Lightning and Electrical injuries in the general public but specifically children. and promote and fund medical research to benefit and better understand survivors and their medical problems. "Visit our publications area for many booklets available for info on electrical & lightning injury tabulated by our members."

MDJunction's Burn Victims Online Support Group

is a comfort place for patients, family members and friends to share and ask questions. MDJunction is an active center for Online Support Groups, a place where thousands meet every day, where people dealing with the same kind of medical, mental, or social challenges can openly share their personal experiences, feelings and wisdom in a mutual comfort zone and discuss their feelings, questions and hopes with like-minded friends.

Phoenix Online Community

provides a secure and safe place for you to share your story, while also providing a place to connect with others who have similar experiences related to a burn trauma. "Some of the areas are interactive while others will provide a place to read and learn from others' stories. Being a Member of our community allows you to: Share Your Story; Participate in Online Chats; View Online Stories."

Phoenix World Burn Congress

is an annual international three-day conference that brings together more than 800 burn survivors, their families, care-givers, burn care professionals and firefighters. "It is a forum in which we encourage and facilitate the sharing of stories, provide support and increase knowledge of burn recovery. For many it is the first opportunity to meet and share with others who have experienced a burn trauma. Many have described their experience at WBC as both powerful and life changing."

SkinCell International Forum for Skin Disorders

is a non-profit online discussion forum. Topics can be very varied, and include keloids, laser surgery, and skin grafting. "Here at SkinCell we have attempted to make available to all skin sufferers and their families an open and free forum where they can discuss any skin disorder or disease they choose. Guests are welcome to view any area of the forum but membership is required in order to post any messages."

The RoSPA Safer Fireworks website

has all the information you need to make sure your firework parties are fun rather than fraught with danger. As well as the Firework Code, the site includes a guide on how to organise a display and how to deal with specific types of fireworks from rockets to Catherine Wheels. If you want to enjoy fireworks whether for Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Chinese New Year or New Year, this is the place to start.

Useful pages

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