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Salamanders Young Burn Survivors > Links: Medical Articles

Articles on Burns Treatments and Rehabilitation

Bonding After A Traumatic Event:



Depression and Anxiety:


Emotional Memory Management:



Five Beginning Steps for Dealing with Trauma:

Five Guidelines for Reducing Stress:

Going Back to School:

Good Hand Care:

Help Your Child Recover:


Hydrogel Sheet Dressings:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

Inhalation Injuries:

Itchy Skin:

Managing Pain:

Medications for Burn Victims:

Nutrition for burn patients:

Nutrition Guide:

Pressure Garments:

PTSD - What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD - Recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:


Regression During An Emotional Trauma:

Returning to work:

Self-Esteem Can Affect Your Health:

Silicone Gel Sheets:

Silver Sulfadiazine Dressings:

Skin Camouflage

/ Cover cream / Cosmetic camouflage:

Skin Substitutes

(Dermagraft, Integra, BioBrane, cultured skin):

Sleep Problems:

Social Interaction:

The Importance of Caregiving:

Understanding and Improving Body Image: