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Statement of Ethics for the "Salamanders Young Burn Survivors" website

(Ethics: A system or code of morals. Standards of conduct.)

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I, Sylvia Joyce, webmistress of the Salamanders Young Burn Survivors website, pledge to maintain and operate this site according to the highest ethical principles.

This is a personal website funded and maintained solely by me. This website does not accept any form of advertising, and I receive no outside funding, grants, or exchanges of favours for anything pertaining to this site.

The main purpose of this site is the advancement of knowledge. I therefore make all possible efforts to ensure that the content of this site is relevant and up-to-date.

It should be noted, however, that I am not a medical professional, and the medical information provided on this site is designed to supplement, not replace, professional medical advice and/or care.

This website contains no material promoting activities globally regarded as unethical or illegal, and no links to sites with such content.

This website can be safely viewed by both adults and children. It is rated and properly labelled according to the standards of the SafeSurf Internet Rating Standard.

This website complies with all the principles of international copyright law. (Please read the Statement of Copyrights for details.)

This website is constructed to be functional on any system using any browser (including non-visual browsers), and to be usable by any English-speaking person of school age and upwards, regardless of physical abilities. (Please read the Accessibility Statement for more details.)

I personally pledge to maintain confidentiality in all my dealings with other people, and to safeguard the privacy of all individuals, especially children. (Please read the Privacy Policy for details.)

I personally pledge always to treat all individuals with honesty, fairness, and respect, regardless of ethnic or national identity, religious or polititical affiliation, age, abilities, opinions, or gender.

I personally pledge never to encourage or to make use of unsolicited bulk email (spam) or any other form of junk mail. Any and all spam and other junk mail received by me will always be instantly deleted without acknowledgement and without forwarding to any other individual.

I personally take all possible precautions to avoid the propagation of internet viruses, worms, and other forms of malicious code. My own PC operates behind a firewall and I have a correctly-installed and regularly-updated anti-virus program which checks all incoming and outgoing files for possible infection. My Internet Service Provider is Virgin Media, which also checks all incoming and outgoing files, and my Web Hosting Provider is Neocities, who also take all possible precautions to avoid the propagation of spam and malicious code.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this Statement of Ethics, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact me (Sylvia Joyce). I welcome all feedback.